Sick and tired

Training for OP has brought me back many times to one major thing, and thats patience. With less than two weeks 'til go time, it probably isn't the best time to get sick. But guess what happened 🤷🏼‍♂️ To be honest, when I first felt the cold coming on, I freaked out. I let it get the best of me for two days (wrecking me physically and mentally) until I had to come back down to baseline and remind myself that a few missed days of training will likely not break the race for me. It's pretty tough to tell yourself that when you want nothing more than to meet your goal and make sure you've crossed all of your T's and dotted all of your I's.
After the help and guidance of a handful of amazing people, I have come to the hesitant realization that getting sick was out of my control and there is no such thing as making up for lost time/training with the race so close. Instead they have helped me look at it as getting more rest before the race.

One thing you may not know about me - I am super OCD about training when it comes to this dang bike race. I feel like this is a personal goal that has gotten away from me more times than I can count. But through it all, I have never lost sight of the end goal - to have the best performance I can give for 24 straight hours.

When a wrench like this illness gets thrown in it's easy to say to myself "not again" but I can't let that bullshit creep in now - this isn't the time to let negativity ruin my mental focus. My point about all of this, is that you can do everything you need to for months on end, leave no stones unturned, but still some shitty things will come up that are out of your control. Now, I may sound like I have all of this mentally figured out but to be honest, I am learning each day how to deal with minor set backs like this and not let them eat me up mentally. The reality is that we'll still go to OP and I will lay down the best race I possibly can on that day. And I am so freakin' stoked for race day to come.

P.S. - this cold is pretty much all gone now (shoutout to Zicam and DayQuil 🙌🏻🙏🏻)

The past few days have been rough but maybe thats some good mental training for whats to come. Who knows? Like I said, I am far from the "Perfect Mental Game" finish line, but starting the the journey feels damn good.