A week in the life...

"Do you really ride for 24 hours straight?" "How do you even train for something like that" "How much do you eat?" "Do you ever stop to take a nap while racing?"
These are just a few common questions I get when I tell people that I am training for 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. I am going to give you a sneak peak in to a week of my training schedule as an endurance athlete and how I am gearing up for the race. I will also address some "during the race" questions a few people asked, so strap in and get ready for some riveting content.



Time of day - 7pm
Training schedule - easy 1-1.5 hour spin
Actual - Had one of my best one hour rides to date - aka, went way too hard and didn’t listen to my coach. 
Listened to on ride - Saosin and Rebellion
Ate on the bike - no food/drink, just water
Other training - 250-400 different style situps, 5-10 min of different style planks, 2x30 on ab roller wheel, cryotherapy session, 30 min stretching

Time of day- 1pm
Training schedule - 2-2.5 hours of high cadence drills
Actual - rode 2:20, legs felt super good, I wanted to ride longer but realized I needed to listen to my coach and focus on keeping a lid on things (unlike Monday)
Listened to on ride: Joe Rogan Podcast
Ate on the bike: no food/drink, just water
Other training - 150 different style situps, 15 min of different style planks, 5x20 on ab roller wheel

Time of day- 2:30p
Training schedule - 2 hrs of 2x10 30/20 zone 5, zone 3
Actual - felt like I did a better job of sticking to the workout JD gave me but also pushed myself and felt comfortable and strong on the intervals - wanted to ride longer but knew I shouldn't and really couldn't since I didn’t have my Infinit
Listened to on ride - mix of rap and reggae
Ate on the bike - no food/drink, just water
Other training - light core (kettle bell ab workouts, 5 min planks, 250 situps different styles), light stretching, 10 minute jog with the pups (getting ankles, hips and knees ready for ¼ mile Le Mans start)

Time of day - 5pm
Training schedule - optional easy spin for 30 min
Actual - 40 minute spin
Listened to on ride - nothing, no headphones
Ate on the bike - nothing, didn't even bring water on the bike
Other training - cryotherapy session, 30 minutes of core (5 minutes of planks, 300 situp), light stretching

Time of day - 3am
Training schedule - 6 hour ride in zone 2 and zone 3
Actual - great, went out for 6.5 hours, in general I stayed within the zones but maaaaybe went a little harder than I should :)
Listened to on ride - Rebelution radio on Spotify
Ate on the bike - Infinit Endurance Mix, fruit punch flavored and almonds

Time of day - 3am
Training schedule - 6 hour ride in zone 2 and zone 3
Actual - rode for 6.5 hours, looking forward to Supercross that night so I was in a good mood. My pacing (zone 2-3) was better than the day before. 
Listened to on ride - Joe Rogan Experience (yes, the whole six hours)
Ate on the bike - Infinit Endurance Mix, fruit punch flavored and almonds

Time of day - 10am
Training schedule - 6 hour ride in zone 2 and zone 3
Actual - feeling a bit of fatigue from the week, but focused on the idea that this where endurance is built. stayed the course and rode the 6 hours, stayed in the training zone
Listened to on ride - Iration Spotify radio for half the time, nothing for the other half
Ate on the bike - Infinit Endurance Mix, fruit punch flavored and almonds

Q & A

Do you really ride for the whole 24 hours?
Yeah! And since you have to finish after 12:00PM on Sunday, you're hoping that you don't finish your lap right before then because you'll be forced to head out and push past the 25 hour mark. 

Do you change kits during the race?
No, I would like to but unfortunately this takes valuable time off the bike and every second stopped adds a "zero" to my time. 

Would you ride a hard tail or a light XC full suspension bike?
My #1 bike of choice is the Pivot Cycles LES, but I have my Mach 429 SL as a backup in case of a mechanical issue or if I need some more comfort (ha!)

How do you keep the bike running smooth? Do you clean the drive train and oil the chain every few hours?
I am super grateful to be supported by Pivot Cycles, which means I have two full race bikes ready to roll at the start. Ideally I won't have to swap bikes at all, but in case of a mechanical I have my spare bike ready. Lubing the chain every other lap is likely going to be the plan, unless it is damp or extremely dusty. 

Do you risk lighter weight tires like Maxxis with no exo sidewall protection or not worth the risk?
My tire choice is the Maxxis Ikon 2.2 in the front with EXO grid casing and Maxxis Treadlite 2.1" with EXO grid casing in the rear. Running super light tires without the sidewall protection is not worth the weight savings in my opinion. 

Do you look the crazies at the whiskey tree in the eye or no eye contact?
I look forward to the ruckus at the Whiskey Tree each lap - those people keep the race fun and exciting. No whiskey drinking for me though, well maybe on the last lap... :)

Maple or chocolate donuts?
If they're gluten-free, maple all the way (yes, unfortunately I am one of those guys)

How many calories do you plan to burn per hour? How many do you plan to consume per hour? What are you going to eat?
I can't say exactly how many calories I will burn per hour, but I will consistently be consuming between 300-400 calories each hour. The majority of my calories will come from my custom Infinit Endurance Mix. And if Mary throws in a baked potato or almond butter sandwich, I'll be a happy camper.

How essential is support from Mary? What are her roles?
Let's just say, if Mary wasn't there as support in the pit I wouldn't even attempt this race. She runs everything so smooth so all I have to think about is pedaling around in circles for 24 hours. In my opinion, she has the harder job in this 24-hour racing thing. Even though she doesn't have all the mechanical skills to run through my bike if I need it, she is pretty good at finding people who can. 

How many days rest do you take leading up to the event?
My training is dialed back quite a bit (both intensity and duration) but I will be riding everyday up until the event. 

What's the single toughest mental aspect to get over while solo-ing it for 24 hours?
Not looking at the whole 24 hours at once, but rather breaking the race down in to four 6-hour races. That way I get little bumps of encouragement each time I pass a checkmark of time. 

Do you drink light beer or diesels only?
I will drink anything that is handed to me after the 24 hours is up.