Those who keep the wheels rollin'

This blog post is all about saying thank you. I am fortunate enough to have an amazing support system with my wife Mary, our family and friends, company sponsorships and other individuals.

I am so excited and proud to announce that I will continue to ride for Pivot Cycles again in 2018 and cannot thank everyone there enough. They are truly a company full of amazing people and I owe them so much for the continued support. This will be my fourth year aboard the Pivot brand and can truly say I believe in the mission and purpose behind this company. I think back to the Pivot company holiday party in December and really realize that the people behind this rad establishment truly care for each other and can separate work from play. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of the Pivot family and stoked to throw a leg over their bikes!


Before I go on, I have to say one thing – I am beyond grateful for the support I receive on the bike, and realize that I am able to “live the dream” because of the relationships I have made. I sometimes find myself wishing I could do more for each brand and individual that helps me chase down my goals. The relationships I have built will continue to propel me forward on this journey, and not a second goes by without me wanting to sing their praises. As Old Pueblo closes in, and my new Pivots are coming together, I wanted to individually thank each and every brand that has offered to support me in the coming season. I have ridden for some of these rad companies in years past, but some are brand new 😃

Each and every one of these guys has taken time to personally chat with me and offer up help in the most kind way imaginable. You guys are all freakin’ amazing and please know how much it means to me. 

I also need to thank my good friend and coach Jonathan Davis. Jonathan may be the busiest human on the planet, yet he still finds the time to write up my training plans and offer his wisdom when I ask. I have always looked up to Jonathan as a cyclist (and still do to this day) especially when it comes to 24 hour racing  (I remember watching him win Old Pueblo back in 2013 and just being in awe) To know that he is now helping me reach my potential as a cyclist is really incredible.


Alright, enough with the sappy love notes. Let’s get 2018 started!

Photo credit: Jill Maciulla

Photo credit: Jill Maciulla